Have decreasing reimbursements and increasing costs eroded your practice’s revenues? When combined with insurance hassles, malpractice threats and increasing competition, it’s more important than ever to have firm control over your marketing efforts so you can skillfully direct the growth of your practice.

Many practices looking for marketing services find it cost prohibitive to enlist the services of a large public relations firm. Or, they find smaller marketing services have no experience with medical marketing, and are unaware of elements such as HIPAA restrictions. So, short of adding the responsibility to an already overworked office staff, the task of marketing usually remains sparse, uncoordinated, or worse, neglected.

Finally, you have a new option with Bering Medical Marketing. I specialize in medical marketing and helping you achieve specific goals to grow your practice. With more than 20 years of experience in the medical industry, I have the expertise you require to meet the special needs inherent in medical marketing: Needs such as HIPAA compliance, tight budgets and ethical marketing. In addition, because I offer different levels of assistance, you now have skilled marketing experience to support any budget.

If you are interested in implementing effective marketing campaigns that fit your budget and produce consistent, long-term growth, I can help.  Please browse my website to learn more about how my services can grow your practice.

For a free consultation, contact me today and I’ll show you how Bering Medical Marketing can help you build the practice you desire!