Patient Information Brochures enhance time spent with your patients. You can always explain a technique or condition to your patient during their office visit, but you can’t expect them to retain most of what you have said. A properly constructed Patient Information Brochure allows your patient to take this information home where they can thoroughly digest its contents.

Differentiate Yourself

You may already purchase pre-printed brochures that describe the most common conditions you treat. While convenient, these brochures may not contain all of the information you want to communicate. And, they most definitely will not reflect your unique treatment philosophy, communicate your care philosophy or differentiate you and your clinic, allowing you to stand out against the competition.

A Tool to Increase Referrals

Patient Information Brochures, when left where people can read them, also act as an inexpensive sales tool. They educate readers about different services you offer or conditions you treat. People often pick up these types of brochures, not for themselves, but for a loved one who is interested in the treatment. And, because the brochure contains your customized information, new readers are not left in doubt about who to contact for help.