Sample patient newsetterA highly overlooked, cost effective marketing tool

When created for you, your newsletter represents your practice—it becomes your voice.

Imagine having an extra 20 minutes to talk to each of your patients while they wait in your clinic or relax at home. Twenty minutes to tell each of them about new products and services available at your clinic, to educate them on the signs and symptoms of diseases, encouraging sufferers to seek treatment.

Besides extending your voice, newsletters also help you establish ongoing relationships with your patients AND their family and friends. Through a newsletter, you can communicate your care philosophy, introduce yourself and your staff, and establish yourself as the expert in your field and the one to contact when they need help.

Other benefits include:

  • Increase word-of-mouth referrals and self-referrals
  • Create brand awareness for your clinic.
  • Reinforce relationships with referring physicians and their patients.
  • Market your services to potential new patients by providing copies for health fairs, local churches, nursing homes, referring clinician offices and other new patient sources.

A Newsletter Campaign Can Fit Any Budge

I can create a simple postcard style newsletter, an elaborate, magazine style newsletter, or something in between. The design and cost are up to you and your budget.

How Bering Medical Marketing Can Help

Many clinics start a newsletter campaign only to drop it after the first issue, exhausted by the amount of effort it took. I remove the hassle of creating a newsletter by doing the work for you.

Don’t waste your voice. Contact me for a free consultation and price quote.