Rika Bering, Owner

Rika Bering, Owner

Specializing in medical marketing

Unlike other firms, I specialize in the healthcare industry. I have worked with major medical companies including Medtronic, Mentor and Gambro Renal Products, as well as private medical practices. This experience gives me a unique understanding of what it takes to effectively market to patients and other clinicians. This includes an understanding of HIPAA restrictions, the need for honest and accurate information and ethical marketing.

Flexibility through varying levels of support

I offer varying levels of support, from single project support to full market support, so you have control and flexibility with your marketing campaigns and your budget.

Maybe all you need is a new office brochure or patient instruction guides? Or, maybe you need ongoing help to keep your social media and Google AdWords accounts hot and relevant? Either way, I can help keep your marketing mix fresh and connected.

I can also start from scratch to develop a full market analysis and identify a strategic plan for your practice that includes:

  • A thorough interview of you, your partners and your staff to fully understand your practice and your goals
  • In-depth market research that centers on your competition, patient demographics and trends
  • A full report on your current market situation and a list of marketing goals and suggested objectives and strategies for meeting those goals
  • Detailed cost estimates for all suggested marketing campaigns
  • Flexible levels of support to carry out your marketing campaigns
  • Status reporting and R.O.I. analysis

I offer a free consultation and test campaigns. To learn more, call me today at 503-580-0162, or send me an email me at info@beringmedicalmarketing.com. I look forward to speaking with you soon.